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Steiff’s growing “Soft Cuddly Friends” collection of luxury plush toys at family-friendly prices is a hit with kids, parents, and retailers everywhere.

This new concept in play is just the latest innovation from the company that invented the world’s first soft toy in 1880 and the Teddy bear in 1902.

In 2023, this unique assortment of lovable Teddy bears and adorable animals is even cuter and cuddlier than ever before.

It’s Perfect For You.
We love it & why you should too...

  • Indescribably soft: Premium fabrics you’ll have to feel to believe.
  • Imaginatively designed: Modern colors and styles that are always on-trend.
  • Surprisingly affordable: Virtually every item priced under $40.
  • Instantly recognizable: Featuring more than a dozen popular Disney licensed characters.
  • Individually handmade: Skilled artisans make every item by hand in accordance with Steiff’s strict quality standards.
  • Rigorously tested: Meets and exceeds international safety standards for all ages, from 0 up.
  • Exceptionally durable: Sewn with high density seams allowing for years, if not
    generations, of creative play.
  • Amazingly convenient: All items are fully machine washable.
  • Unmistakably “Steiff”: Featuring the famous “Button in Ear” quality trademark.