·  Opening order minimum for Apparel & Accessories (hats, wraps, bags, blankets,etc) is $1000.00

·  Opening order for our At Home Scented products is $500.00

Re-Order Minimum $350

FW23 Early Buy:
$850 = Free freight
ENDS 6/18

Mer-Sea’s cozy travel wraps, comfy sweaters, scented candles, and sea-infused soaps and lotions take you anywhere you want to go – without even leaving your home.

It’s Perfect For You.
We love it & why you should too...

Who Does’nt love a hug? Mer-sea are everything from simple wraps to hug yourself and array of scents in soaps from the sea to you. Mer-sea has clean simple lines and large assortment of simple natural colors that compliment the environment. Every customer will love you more, Mer-Sea.