$150 = on free bag of 50 sample pieces 
$250 = 2 free bags of 50 samples pieces
$500 = free freight & 2 free bags of 50 samples pieces
ENDS 2/2

It’s Perfect For You.
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McCrae’s Candies uses the finest salts, spirits, and seasonings to produce evocatively-flavored, handcrafted, luxe caramel candies. Their caramels are the perfect combinations of smooth, sweet, fresh, and unexpected using the fewest possible ingredients.

Premium ingredients – real food for real flavor

• Locally-sourced cream, milk, and butter

• No corn syrup • Gluten, nut/peanut and soy free

• No artificial flavors or colors

• Reusable, recyclable, biodegradable packaging printed with soy inks

• USA Made