Tired of cheap products that don’t last? Are you looking for a high-quality North American Made product? Lynn and Liana is here to help! Our Cheese Boards are perfect, whether you need 10 or 10,000. Light up your store with resin accented cheese boards and serving trays!

All of our cheese boards are made from high quality Acacia Hardwood. Our artists hand-pour and design each piece here in North America. Don’t add to the landfills this year. Get gifts that people will love and keep!

It’s Perfect For You.
We love it & why you should too...

Lynn & Liana Designs supplies stores all over the world. From North America to Europe. Join all the others who love selling Lynn & Liana products!

At Lynn & Liana Designs we recommend an opening order with 2-3 sizes in 2-3 colors to create nice sets for merchandising and go from there. Adding in some accessories is also great for creating a set for your customers!

Most people are drawn to Navy White Metallic and Ocean vibes. Our Cheese Boards in medium and Large are currently the crowd favorite!

Here is a list of the our top products with the top selling colors.

Large Acacia Cheese Boards : Navy, White, Metallic | Ocean Vibes | Gold Quartz | Onyx

Medium Acacia Cheese Boards : Ocean Vibes | Navy, White, Metallic | Emerald Jewel | Marble

Baguette Acacia Boards : Ocean Vibes | Navy, White, Metallic | Marble | Onyx

For all companies that stock and sell our products we provide branding images, our story for our products, and care instructions you can give to your customers. Another thing we are offering is a display stand you can purchase to go along with your order. These stands look amazing and are a great show piece for your store!