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Opening Order $1,000

Re-Order Minimum $400

Opening order minimum = $500 ( lowered from $750)
ENDS 2/29

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Kashwére was created over twenty years ago out of the inspiration to create a unique yarn that parallels the elegance of cashmere, yet has the convenience of easy, unfussy care. Out of this concept of livable luxury, Chenilla™ was born. This unique blend, which is the original in this class of yarns, has earned a reputation for superior quality and softness.

With a variety of on-trend patterns, intricate weaves, and rich colors, Kashwére easy-to-care-for pieces will become staples in any home or wardrobe. Whether it’s cozying up by the campfire in a throw, styling a bed or sofa with lush pillows and cozy blankets, or wearing their apparel from head to toe – Kashwére has something for everyone.