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Bring a feeling of adventure, comfort, and easy living into your everyday life. It might be a beautiful Turkish towel, your favorite throw, or one of their bedding piece, whatever it is, we’ve chosen it with the intention to bring more joy and simplicity into your life.

It’s Perfect For You.
We love it & why you should too...

Born from the finest organic Turkish cotton, House No.23 is the most recent iteration of a generations-old lineage of unequaled hand-crafted towels, throws, and robes. 

More than seventy-five years ago in a small Turkish village, a seed of inspiration was planted by a grandfather who had built a wholesale towel company. His sources for cotton were the finest fields only he had access to, and once woven the feel was of unparalleled softness.

Today, twin sisters Melis and Melda have brought their grandfather’s passion for refinement and his skill at obtaining raw materials of only the highest quality back to life. 

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