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Gummi 2020 is the reimagining of a business founded by Monte Engelman in 2003. Now owned and run by Monte’s daughter, Nat Asseraf, Gummi has focused on delightful dogs and undertaken a comprehensive rebrand. New Gummi is decidedly fun, playful and bold layered with colour, positivity and optimism that matches Nat’s personality. Based in Melbourne, with her husband and two children, Nat is committed to continuing to build a true family business.

It’s Perfect For You.
We love it & why you should too...

At Gummi, a deep understanding exists as to how pets quickly become beloved family members – to the extent that an owner and a pet can, in themselves, create a family. Passionate about the way that dogs enhance our human lives, we’re here to deliver dogs all of the elements that enhance theirs. Committed to the legacy Gummi hallmarks of durability, quality and fantastic value and imbued with a set of new hallmarks including community, design and pet wellness – our new collection ‘Parkward Bound’ is just the start of the fun we’ll have!

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