Boston International Vol 4 2022 HOLIDAY COVER

Boston International

Opening Order $0

Re-Order Minimum $0

$650 = Net 60 Terms
$2000 = Net 60 Terms & 10% Freight Cap*
Spring 2023 Catalog ONLY
ENDS 12/31/22

$650 = 12/1 dating
$2000 = 12/1 dating & 10% freight cap
ENDS 10/31

*Order will ship at factory convenience. Must be a new separate order.


Exceptions & Exclusions

·    In order to take advantage of the dating /extended terms, new customers must provide a completed credit sheet and clear the credit check. Without cleared credit your account will remain on credit card terms.

·    If a customer already receives a discount, they must choose between our Dating Program or the terms they currently have

·    Alaska and Hawaii must ship to a freight forwarder in California or Washington State to receive freight cap. 

·    Spinner displays are excluded from freight deals.

·    Custom / personalized items are not part of the special and do not qualify for the terms above. Please be sure to inform your customers of this at the time the order is placed. 

·    Accounts that are “pre-pay” will not receive Dating terms; however, they can receive the freight deal.

·    IHR and BI Home product from the 2023 VK1 Spring catalog can be combined onto the same order. On these dating orders, please enter a ship date of December 15th

·    Ship complete is not an option. We ship as complete as possible to minimize backorders.

·    You may not request a specific ship date for orders receiving this special. Dating terms will be lost if backorders are cancelled that brings the total below the minimum dollar level.

·    If a customer already receives a discount or freight deal, they must choose between our Dating Program terms or what they currently receive. They cannot have both. If this dating invoice is paid past the due date, they will be subject to a 1½ % finance charge and forfeiture of the special terms and future eligibility in our dating programs. *Freight deals exclude shipping outside the Continental United States.

·    For orders that do not meet the minimum dollar requirement, the customer can choose their ship date and will not receive the terms of this special.

·        Promotions are subject to be changed or cancelled at Boston International’s discretion at any time.

·    Promo not valid in Canada. Canada follows their own promotion- please see your local Canada rep for details

Boston International is a woman-owned, design-driven company that has been a leader in the gift industry since 1986.

For more than two decades Boston International has been an industry leader in innovative products of superior quality that celebrate the home!

In 2013 Boston International expanded (with continued success) to include its own brand of giftware and increased dynamic partnerships with artists supporting their brands.

It’s Perfect For You We love it & why you should too...

Tried and true Boston International produces great designs season after season.

They know what your customers are looking for even before they do! Steady availability and a vast selection of eco-friendly products make this an excellent fit in our region! 

Be sure to check out each Volume of their Catalogs.