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Apothia takes a whole new twist on Aromatic spiritual candles and fragrance goods. Designed by Ron Robinson with a unique no-smoke candle that melts with a cream that you can actually apply to your skin!

inspired By Fashion, Progressive Culture, Energy & L.A. Sunshine.

It’s Perfect For You.
We love it & why you should too...

APOTHIA is inspired from the fashion, progressive culture, energy and sunshine of Los Angeles. Synonymous with beauty, design and style, APOTHIA offers aromatic candles, diffusers, hand and body care and eau de parfums – blending art, luxurious ingredients and world-class craftsmanship. A combination of ‘Apothecary + Utopia’, APOTHIA evokes images of serenity and beauty with a modern sensibility.


Ron Robinson, founder of APOTHIA, has been discovering and cultivating new brands for over three decades. RON ROBINSON opened its doors as one of the original pioneers of the Fred Segal brand, located on Melrose Avenue.  Now 42 years later he has built his own global online entity that continues to change the face of shopping, fashion and fragrance today.

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